Saturday, April 22, 2006

About us...

Welcome to the Wakefield Étudiant (that's French for "student"), a blog dedicated to the reporting and analyzing of news, music, philosophy, humor, and more. The WÉ was created by high school students in 2006 and is still maintained by high school students. Posts wise, sometimes (more so often) there will be some headlines out of left (or right) field. They could make you laugh, cry, or punch your computer screen. Remember to be civil in handling your emotions. Also, keep in mind that the views expressed on this site aren't anyone's 'cept the writers. We are solely affiliated with Étudiant Media. The forum is independently run and managed.

Chris DeCarlo
Glen Maganzini

Popular Topics

- Music (CD Reviews, Band Spotlights, Songs of the Week)
- General Politics (Economics, Current Administration Issues, Elections)
- International Affairs (Darfur, Myanmar, Iraq War)
- Science and Health (Disease, Technology, Medicine)
- Sports (Primarily New England Sports)
- Wakefield High School News (Updates, School Closing Information, Sports/Clubs)
- Local News (Massachusetts - Especially Boston Area)
- Humor (YouTube Videos, What Is This World Turning Into To?, General WTF?!)
- Opinion (Rant, Moot and Controversial Topics)

Posting News Format: We follow a pretty simple formula when it comes to posting already published news: quote + comment. You will usually be given a brief snippet (1-5 paragraphs) of news to read followed by a 1-3 sentence comment. The comment is usually the poster's personal opinion.

Please read the following rules before commenting:

- No intimidating or harassing other users and/or post authors
- Stay on topic!
- No spam all! Elaboration is your best friend
- Use proper grammar (or try your best to)
- Don't make comments that are intended to make others angry
- Stay consistent with posting under only one username
- No advertising!

Infrequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you choose what to post?
A. To be honest, I don't put a lot of thought in what to post and what to not post. I usually check a myriad of sources for interesting 'objective' content. If there are a bunch of articles that I find worthy to be posted then I publish them. If I only find a few worthy ones then I publish them. There isn't a lot of discretion. There is a lot of randomness. I let the news sites do what they do best -- post about tragedy and other crap. The opinion and entertainment articles are of the stream of conscious, "whatever I feel like" kind.

Q. Are your articles biased?

A. Sort of, kind of. Arguably, many 'objective' news items posted from mainstream sources are skewed in some way. I don't really check for bias when I post stuff and that's because it's often difficult to do that. Don't get me wrong, my comments are biased. I typically inject a little opinion (usually a word or a sentence) after news snippets. My views are atypical.

Q. Has the Étudiant changed over the years?
A. Yes. For nearly a year there were infrequent news updates made to the site. Over time, the site expanded and garnered quite a following. Since academic year '07-'08, there has been a lesser presence of news and a greater presence of opinion, politics, and music. There is still news posted, but we mainly let the real news sites do what they do best.

The Étudiant will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary in April of 2009!


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3/11 Update - No Moderation

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