Friday, October 5, 2007

Writer Spotlight: Ryan Suh

Name: Ryan Suh
Grade: Junior (Class of 2010)
Age: 16
Writing Style: Undefinable
Writing Topics: Random topics that interest most people (I think/hope)
Political Leaning: Currently leaning towards the Democrats (It's Bush's fault!)
Fun Fact #1: A serious Gosu (pro) at Starcraft (not anymore, since my CD broke inside my CD-ROM because of playing it too much. This just proves how much I played the game.).
Fun Fact #2: A video game addict.
Fun Fact #3: Was born in South Korea.
Yes, I speak Korean.
Fun Fact #4: Has quit the very addicting and time consuming World of Warcraft a few months ago.
Fun Fact #5: Loves to play RPG (MMORPG) and RTS games.
Fun Fact #6: Uses the Internet for mostly online games (such as Starcraft, Warcraft, and etc...)
Fun Fact #7: Was one of the top posters on
Fun Fact #8: Many call me Tsunami and Suh, even though my last name isn't even pronounced
"Sue". It is pronounced "S-uh" like the "S" in the word Starcraft and "UH" in the word UHHH! So it sounds like S-uh, but together. Like in my Korean name "서동민" or Chinese translated "
Fun Fact #9: Lived in Canada for about 4 years until 5th grade in which I moved to the US.
Fun Fact #10: Believe it or not, I'm a Buddhist =).
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