Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Top Ten Things YOU Can Do To Promote This Website!

10) Have a webpage? Link to us!
9) Post us as a MySpace bulletin or as a Facebook link.
8) Vandalize edit relevant Wikipedia pages to include a link to us.
7) Mention us on your blog.
6) Butt into someone's conversation and mention the website, explaining what it is and then rip out some pieces of paper from your notebook and write the URL on it. For example.

Joe: So, how about those Patriots?

You: I know, right? Say, speaking of great websites, do you read the Wakefield Étudiant? 'Cause I do, and I think it's the best website ever. Check it out! You'd dig it! *writes the URL on a scrap of paper and gives it to Joe*

Joe: Uh, thanks?

5) Ask your teacher if you can write the URL on the board. Tell them it's relevant to your work in class.
4) Write the URL on your plain white T-shirt. Write anything else you want, like "I <3 Glen" or "Think This!"
3) Use our URL in place of punctuation. For example...
Joe: So, how was your weekend?

You: It was alright

Joe: ...
2) Read one of Glen's posts, disagree with his opinions, then start a heated argument about it.
1) Just in general, tell people about us! There's no publicity like good word of mouth. To all who DO come to this site regularly, I thank you. And I know that you all come for different reasons. Some come to download the recommended songs of the week, others because I told them to, others because they're waiting for Glen to post something they can start an argument over.

Oh, and we're also a news site! Come here to get your news! We have all the news you need to know, be it from Wakefield High School or from anywhere around the world. You come to this site? You like this site? Tell everyone about it!


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