Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Writer Spotlight: Andrew Fallon

Name: Andrew Fallon (just "Fallon")
Grade: Junior (Class of 2010)
Age: 16
Writing Style: Random. Is the Mike FM of this blog!
Writing Topics: Comedy, sports, randomness, et cetera.
Political Leanings: The quiz says I'm a Libertarian.
Fun Fact #1: Is a bass guitarist
Fun Fact #2: Is the grandmaster with the three MCs
that shock the house for the young ladies
Fun Fact #3: Is a religious supporter of WHSTV15
Fun Fact #4: Enjoys photography
Fun Fact #5: Likes to take in the occasional (read "every") Red Sox game.
Fun Fact #6: Was recommended to write here by longtime friend Ben Tan.
Fun Fact #7: Is a George Carlin fan boy if there ever was one.

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