Monday, June 1, 2009

CD Review: Preliminaires (Iggy Pop)

(Source: Coming Records)

Iggy Pop
Release: 2009

1. "Les Feuilles Mortes" - Grade: 8.3

2. "I Want to Go to the Beach" - Grade: 8.9 - "Well, an asshole is what you are, but that's all right"

3. "King of the Dogs" - Grade: 8.8 - "I can smell things that you can not smell...I'm the king of the dogs"

4. "Je Sais Que Tu Sais" - Grade: 8.6 - "Comme ci, comme ca"

5. "Spanish Coast" - Grade: 9.0 - "Die like a fly with no lover to sigh"

6. "Nice to Be Dead" - Grade: 9.4 - "Life's river flows and when it's dry... it's dry!"

7. "How Insensitive" - Grade: 8.1 - "What was I to do? What can you do?"

8. "Party Time" - Grade: 8.8 - "I got the slime!"

9. "He's Dead/She's Alive" - Grade: 8.0 - "She's gonna get the eyes"

10. "A Machine For Love" - Grade: 9.6 - "I helped him to settle on my lap for a few seconds; he looked at me with a curious mixture of exhaustion and apology. Then calmed. He closed his eyes. Two minutes later he gave out his last breath. I buried him inside the residence at the western extremity of the land surrounded by the protected fence, next to his predecessors. During the night, a rapid transport from the central city dropped off an identical dog. They knew the codes and how to work the barrier. I didn't have to get up to greet them. The small white ginger mongrel came toward me, wagging its tail. I just turned to him. He jumped on the bed and stretched out beside me. Love is simple to define, but it seldom happens in the series of beings. Through these dogs, we pay homage to love. And to its possibility. What is a dog, but a machine for loving? You introduce him to a human being, giving him the mission to love. And however ugly, perverse, deformed, or stupid this human being might be, the dog loves him. The dog loves him."

11. "She's a Business" - Grade: 8.3

12. "Les Feuilles Mortes (Marc's Theme) - Grade: 8.2

Final Grade: 8.7

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