Monday, September 1, 2008

What grinds my ears : 9/1

Ignorant Women grind my ears. These women don't know they their boyfriend doesn't love them, but they think he'll change. Women don't know that people don't change unless they have a life changing experience that teaches them a lesson. These women are also the reasons men like my father gets laid. These men take advantage of love, that women have. Men and people in general are way too stupid to realize what is going on around them.

Most women are really unaware of who men are. They are a bunch of horny people. I am not generalizing all men, but most men are like this. Men and people in general never learn new tricks. Women are stupid for not realizing that before they get hurt. I dont feel sorry for any girl in a domestic arguement, or a abusive relationship. These women should of saw that their man was a abusive son of a gun, but they can break it off.

I think women are ridiculously naive and ignorant. I am sorry for repeating it, but its so true. They fall for the stupidest man stuff ever. Falling for stupid men won't get you anywhere. There are thousands of unloved guys in the world, that deserve you and will love you. I want you to debate me on this.

- Cameron

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  1. Aint that the truth brother! I've written and recorded several pieces similar to this. Keep up the good work my friend.


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