Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CD Review: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

I didn't really know what to expect from Chris Mars, the drummer for Minneapolis rocker legends The Replacements. He kind of sounds like Eddie Money. Take that however you want. There's a lot of average tracks. I'm glad The Replacements didn't go in this direction. I'll throw out The Neighborhoods as another similar kind of band. Like the 'Hoods, Mars plays lots of catchy pop-rock, but not really much else. I'm sure there are some die-hard Replacements fans who love this, but I'm sure there are others who...don't. I'm in the middle.

1. Reverse Status - Grade: 8.3
2. Popular Creeps - Grade: 8.2
3. Outer Limits - Grade: 7.7
4. Before It Began - Grade: 7.1
5. Get Out of My Life - Grade: 7.3
6. Monkey Sees - Grade: 7.5
7. Ego Maniac - Grade: 7.8
8. Midnight Carnival - Grade: 8.2
9. I, Me, We, Us, Them - Grade: 8.0
10. Don't You See It - Grade: 8.1
11. Happy Disconnections - Grade: 8.3
12. Better Days - Grade: 8.5
13. City Lights on Mars - Grade: 7.0
14. Last Drop - Grade: 8.0

Final Grade: 7.8

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