Monday, February 23, 2009

Pitchfork May Have Stole My Content

Just throwing it out there, but I think Pitchfork Media may have "borrowed" a sentence of content from my Black Lip's 200 Million Thousand review. Yours truly was the first to review the album at length. I've seen some other reviews and I'm guessing that other reviewers may have used some of what I said. And that's fine. Like for instance, I only knew that the Kid on LSD was playing at the beginning of "I Saw God" because I've watched that video a few times in the past. I'm not going to doubt that other reviewers were familiar with it, but I really don't know. The principal similarity I noticed:

Me: If an unfamiliar listener stumbled upon 200 Million Thousand, there is no doubt they would recollect memories of 1960's protopunk, garage, and surf rock. That listener probably wouldn't be able to tell you what band they were listening to, thanks to the Black Lips overtly unique sound.
Pitchfork: No one's going to mistake this record for anyone but Black Lips, but they are stretching out as band here, pulling back their own tics in favor of things like style and tone.

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