Thursday, October 2, 2008

Comments From An Anonymous WHS Soccer Player

"We are not that bad; we just can't win. The coach [Sam Hochberg] is putting people in the wrong positions and is playing people who shouldn't be on the field, let alone on the team. He refuses to play the best players at the same time. He doesn't start those who should start and he subs in those who shouldn't be subbed in. Half of the kids couldn't care less if we don't win. Four or five kids trained over the summer. There is a severe lack of balls and heart on the team. We lack focus and discipline to do what the coach tells us to do. The coach is doing a good job, though. We've also gotten screwed by the refs and lost a few heart breakers like our first game against Reading. The star players are disappointments. There is a severe lack of leadership. Too many players are mentally unprepared. These kids are killing us every game. We are not able to mentally recover."
The WHS Boys Soccer team is win-less through its first nine games

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