Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Foreign Language/Writing

I will allege, right here, right now, that learning a foreign language is a powerful tool for global communication. I'm probably the thousandth person (but only the ninth kid) to put forth such a claim, but you know, I have my reasons. I'm not suggesting you should travel to France, to Spain, to Italy, to China, or wherever your learned foreign language is predominately spoken. I am, inversely, proposing that you involve your chosen language and its parameters more often in daily communication. What do I mean? Speak to your friends in a foreign language. This will initiate curiousity and it might work out for the best...especially if you mispronounce or incorrectly state something. Secondly, listen to foreign music. We've all memorized, at one point or another, an English language song. Be it rap, rock, jazz, or even the eccentricity we call outsider music, give it a try. You might like it. I never heard "french music" until sophomore year and I don't regret downloading (legal concern or otherwise) french music. A few bands like La Rue Ketanou and Les Cowboys Fringants really struck a chord with me (ha the pun!). By the way, I think that I am a pretty advanced writer; however, I am always interested in finding ways to improve via adding little quirks that increase reader interest. Puns, sayings, and anything that engages the reader is fun. That's all I have for now. Thanks.

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