Sunday, October 26, 2008

Question 1: Who Votes Yes/ Who Votes No

Question: Should we repeal the Massachusetts State Income Tax?

Who Votes Yes
- Rich people
- Old people (60+)
- Young people (18-34)
- Libertarians/Conservatives

Who Votes NO
- Middle age/class
- Teachers and local officials
- Liberals


  1. Hi I worked on the question 1 ballot drive and I think you might be wrong. We had the toughest time in 'rich' areas like Natick and Brookline, but we had the best results in working poor neighborhoods.

    My favorite spot was the Market Basket locations; a decidedly lower income venue.

    The working poor want tax relief the most. Well off people were much less likely to sign the petition.

  2. Thanks for your first hand insight. Doing a little bit more research, I can see where I want went wrong. The state income tax is very low and doesn't have the same kind of leverage as the federal income tax does. I doubt the working poor would want to eliminate the federal income tax since they get deductions and hardly have to pay anything. But question 1 deals with the state, so I do now see what you are saying.


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