Friday, October 17, 2008

Liberals Need to Stop

What's this? A person that admittedly leans left more often than not speaking against the actions of liberals? The only thing more unusual than this is the fact that I'm posting here again. I have to remember to thank Glen for keeping my name on, as I admit I haven't been the most regular visitor.

But I need to get back to the point here. Even though I'm leaning Obama...hell, if I leaned much more my knee-caps might break... I am starting to see some really disturbing stuff all around me. Whether it's in public, online, in television broadcasts, or whatever, there is an absolute lack of any objectivity or, well, thought process.

To give you an example: Say a Democratic senator who had been working with the government for twenty-five years after serving his country abroad for seven years ran for president. He has passed a respectable amount of respected laws and bills, and has a record of working along with the other party to meet compromises. And now picture the Republican candidate: A constitutional lawyer turned senator who, a good year and a half into his first term, begins planning his campaign for president. He has passed almost no laws, let alone voted on many, has had little to no impact on the political scene, and has one of the most conservative voting records in history on both social and economic policy. Not to mention he has a host of ill-conceived and downright stupid connections to people that he just happened to forget to mention to the public. And the people are fawning over him. No matter how much anyone attempts to expose his faults, it is either denied, ignored, or, ironically, attacked as irrelevant or racist. Oh, he's black by the way. Not that that should matter.

You might be saying to yourself...well, actually, you're probably already thinking to yourself if this applies to you, those are lies! Those don't apply to Obama! OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!! Wait, nevermind, that was the McCain rally crowd.

Well, the fact is, a lot of the things the McCain campaign says are falsehoods, and there are a strong number of redeeming qualities about Obama. However, that's not the way everyone seems to think about him. He is infallible.He cannot be attacked, because anything negative said about him is clearly wrong. There's no way McCain can be better than him, ever, so there's no reason to listen to criticism.

Come on people. You need to occasionally think about things. You need to use that thing in your skull that you keep relatively active during the school day (well, unless you're Maio, but he's not rabid either way so I'll let him have his nap). There's nothing wrong with supporting Obama as long as you BACK IT UP!!! Don't shut down anything and everything that could possibly take him off his pedestal. Because if you do, you're just following a mindset that could allow far more dangerous people to be put into positions of leadership with no experience and far more sinister plan's than the Illinois Senator has for this nation.

I mean Christ, people, that kind of thinking could get Palin elected!


  1. Good post Matt. I'm sick of the Liberals obsessing over Obama as well. FYI, I'm voting Nader/Gonzalez.

  2. Honestly, I'm shocked. A year ago (if the election began a year earlier) this would have sparked a huge comment war. Either people have stopped reading or Glen is far better at antagonizing people than I am.

  3. a lot more truth has come out about Obama, so he doesn't have as many worshipers as before. i respect him enough to vote for him, but i differ with him on a few things, and if i had my way I'd be voting for another candidate.

    also, there would be a lot more comments if you guys just updated more and did more promotion...and of course glen will antagonize more people...this is massachusetts


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