Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Iraq update

Left: I thought Obama had "change" trademarked.
ROCHESTER, N.H. - Senator John McCain yesterday launched one of his toughest attacks yet on Senator Barack Obama, saying his Democratic rival "would rather lose a war in order to win a campaign," and intensified speculation that he could name a running mate soon, heaping more praise on former rival Mitt Romney.
Sigh...time for a rant. According to McCain, in order to "win" this war, the American military has to occupy Iraq until THAT nation's military and government can become independent of a world superpower, all while intervening in a civil war that had nothing, NOTHING to do with the War on Terror that Bush used as his excuse to invade. We can stay there and keep on losing American lives while pursuing an incredibly idealistic cause, or we can withdraw. People are going to die either way. At least, by withdrawing, we can save SOME lives.

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