Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA)

According to KOCO-TV, the recently acquired NBA franchise in Oklahoma City has a new nickname -- The Oklahoma City Thunder.

The team is currently in the relocation process, after settling with the city of Seattle earlier this month. In exchange for the team being allowed to move, the owners agreed to pay the city $45M to buy-out the two remaining years on the lease.

As part of the agreement, the team had to come up with a new nickname.

Fans in Oklahoma City were asked to participate in the selection process by voting in an NCAA bracket-style elimination contest, starting with 64 possibilities. In the end, they chose the name Thunder over the Outlaws.

Other finalists for the new team name included: the Men-Possessed, the Hijackers, the Bold-Faced Liars, and my personal favorite -- the OKC Corrupt Circumstances.

Oklahoma City becomes the 14th professional basketball team to adopt a mascot with a singular nickname --10 of those teams reside in the WNBA (congratulations). - Seattle pi

Wikipedia hasn't adjusted OKC's NBA page so I'm guessing this is pretty unofficial.

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