Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rage- WGA Writers' Strike

I came across this video last night, and I must say I have mixed opinions. Musically, I think this is a fantastic, unplugged version of their popular hit "Bulls On Parade." On the other hand, I find it a tad bit enigmatic that Rage care so much for television writers. I also strongly hope Zack is joking when he says he watches reality shows and Desperate Housewives. One person commented that Rage was against commercials, news, etc not sitcoms, talk shows, reality shows. I don't believe this one bit. They are all part of the propaganda system inadvertently or not. Ok, ok some sitcoms/ sketch shows, whatever, can be taken off the roll. But,if one listens to "No Shelter," it is clear that Rage believed entertainment was sometimes used as a device to keep peopled distracted from real issues in the world. Best exemplified by this line: "Godzilla, pure mother fuckin filler, keep your eyes off the real killer..." I don't know. I still think they are outstanding musicians and activists, but I just found it bizarre. I like what one guy said on the Youtube comments (I'm paraphrasing): Rage fights for all of the oppressed.


  1. i hate this edition of Bulls on Parade and in fact I don't even know why they support Hollywood

  2. Just who is "Hollywood", the writers who create all the movies and TV shows, or the executives who boss them around?

  3. hollywood refers to the entertainment industry in general.


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