Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wanna write for us?

Hey, you! Yeah, you. You seem to like what you see here.

Why don't you email me - or Glen - - so we can sign you up and you can start posting, just like us? You can write whatever you want. Better, you can write for the Étudiant when it re-launches on September 1...but sign up sometime before then!

The new version of this site that will debut that day will be bigger and better, but we need your help to make it happen. Articles, commentary, pictures, and videos of any topic are welcome, especially if they're of the following:

- W.H.S. Sports - Are YOU a Super Fan? We're looking to expand our coverage of the Warriors and their many sports.

- Boston Sports - NESportsNews will finally return as part of the re-launched Étudiant, so we're looking for dedicated sports writers to help us follow the Celtics, Sox, and Patriots.

- Tech - Keeping track of the latest computers, music players, consoles, and P.D.A.s? Did you wait in line so you'd be one of the first to OWN one of those? Good. Write for us.

- Political Opinion Pieces - Whether you're a liberal, conservative, or anything in between, everyone has a different idea about how to improve our world. No matter what your views, the Étudiant is the perfect place to speak your mind.

So, hit us up at or to become an Étudiant! Write about what you love, whatever that may be. Mahalo...oh, and...


  1. Bastard! There are more political affiliations than just liberal, conservative, and in between. You know better. There's plenty on the left (socialist, communists, anarchists, and all their variations) and on the right you have neo cons, reactionaries and fascists and Ann Coulter wannabes. Anyway, I like this. We need more writers! The more the merrier.

  2. Ha sorry Ben, I thought you were Glen. But, still you know better too!

  3. Fine, fine...write for us whether you're a liberal, conservative, socialist, communist, anarchist, fascist, reactionary, Ann Coulter wannabe, neo con, Radical Republican, progressive, Whig, environmentalist, libertarian, or even...*phew*...a moderate.

  4. Now that's more like it!
    Btw, you forgot Libertarian Socialist. Lol, it could go on forever; there are so many political ideologies.


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