Wednesday, December 10, 2008

College Essays are Pointless

Section E: Essay
Please show us your soul. Limit 250 words.

Might as well be the case. seriously, what the hell is the point of these "show us who you are" essays? Isn't that what the interviews are for? Do people even read these fucking things?You want to know about my personality, huh? Want to know as much about me as you can? Bullshit. How many people are gonna write, "well, I do tend to be a dick sometimes...oh, and I hate gay people!"? Not to mention 90% of the important details of your life that can't be copy and pasted into a two inch long text box as part of an 18 page form that nobody's gonna fucking care about...unless you don't do it though, then you're screwed!

I'm getting a serious urge to send a steaming pile of shit with every form. You may think this is antagonistic- I disagree. Because I believe the remnants of my diet are going to tell a shitload more about me than any half-assed trite I can write on these stupid forms. Have a great day.

Oh, and sorry for the language. I'm a bit annoyed.


  1. if it bothers you so much, dont go to college.

  2. Haha, that was funny Matt. I thought it was Glen until I saw your name.


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