Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CD Review: Wavves

Band: Wavves
Release: 2008

CD Review:
Noise. Pop? Not really. People will always try to call something pop if it sounds catchy in the slightest way. I'm guilty of it. When you mix a lot of feedback with just general scratchy instrumentation, the product is usually just your run of the mill "noise." The thing about Wavves -- also witnessed on their 2009 release Wavvves - is that the singer has a little Dean Allen Spunt going on. In other words, his voice reaches above the lo-fi crazy sounds. Albeit you probably won't be able to understand much, but its still important to take note of this because it's not that difficult to simply pick up a guitar and a drum kit and start jamming mindless chords while all the settings on the amp are turned up. You'd be surprised to find some hi-fi tracks on this album. "Vermin" might have you thinking "what the hell is this?" It sounds like Weirdo Rippers trying to be like Nouns. I give Wavves a bunch of credit for the attempt, but admittedly they do go a little overboard at times. I give my high praise to the last track, "Teenage Super Party," which had me optimistic in terms of what Wavves is capable of. And as evidenced in Wavvves, they are capable of quite a lot.

Grade: 8.4 out of 10

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