Saturday, March 21, 2009

CD Review: Wavvves

Wavves bring a lot to the table -- experimental punk, noise punk, surf punk -- which distinguishes them from 95% of today's rock bands. The comparison is nearly striking, save for a few effects and less catchier riffs. They sound like a No Age cover band, if only No Age had songs such as "To the Dregs" and "Gun in the Sun." It's hard to listen to this album and not think of my favorite LA punk duo, but I did indeed manage to holistically look at Wavves. Wavvves has a spacey feel that is eclectic and innovative. "Goth Girls" is particularly otherwordly. Among the more down-to-earth, less lo-fi tracks is "No Hope Kids." Check out "Weed Demon" as well. And the other nine tracks that I failed to mention. The average listener might be a little turned off by the share musical craziness (aka distortion and feedback) that this album has to offer. Your noise aficionado, though, might consider this a candidate for top 5 albums of the year. I'm more on the latter's side.

8.9 out of 10 - HighlÉ Recommended

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