Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monkey Warfare

I for one, see nothing wrong with what is often called "dirty fighting." Detractors, whom use this and similar terms are implying that fighting is not already a dirty, and sometimes (actually most of the time) a barbaric action. To distinguish from "normal" fighting, tactics include biting, kicking your opponent intensely and squarely in the nads, hitting them with a foreign object (of course non deadly when confronted with non-deadly force, and deadly when confronted with deadly force, as standard self-defense rules teach), amongst several others. The detractors to such styles of fighting apparently feel that this causes a disadvantage. But, what they really mean is "how dare you use tactics to defeat me outside of the usual ways in which I can be victorious?!" Of course, they frown upon biting (of course it is also disgusting) because it HURTS or being kicked right in the pills, because that KILLS (as of course all males find out at some, unfortunate point in their life). Well, getting punched in the face and chest is no walk in the park my friends. There are always disadvantages in fights that go unnoticed (to a certain extent) such as strength, muscles, weight, height, etc. Why don’t we ask a fighter to chop off some of his muscles, so he is equally proportioned with his opponent, but no we don’t approve of that. We do however see kicking the opponent in the balls as “cowardly” and “dirty.” Well, these are simply means of self-defense, just like punching and kicking (which can and should be utilized as well). Means that some of us, weaker (in terms of strength, psychologically we’re like those bad asses in 300) brothers and sisters need to use to meet the opponent’s violence, and successfully inflict enough pain to win, or get out of the situation. And, isn’t that the point anyway, to hurt your foe and win? THERE SHOULD BE NO OTHER CRITERIA. And of course the oppressors’ arguments flesh out to the big world as well: “Look, at those savage Iraqis, protecting their homes with their guns and pipe bombs (I don’t even know if they use these!); we use more rational, aerial bombing, but don’t worry it’s not like there’s innocent kids down there, we checked from miles and miles above…..” Well, now you know that “dirty fighting” is a means of self-defense, which hopefully YOU NEVER HAVE TO USE! Peace. - Prankster Propaganda

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