Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Action teams...ASSEMBLE!

WAKEFIELD — “There’s a lot of passion out there.”
The words of School Committee member Kevin Piskadlo came home to roost last night when more than 17 people turned out at the Creative Revenue Forum held in the Lecture Hall of the Beebe Library. To date, 29 people have expressed interest.
“People who have never been asked to do anything in town want to get involved to help solve the town’s financial problems,” said Piskadlo. “Last night’s turnout was successful. We talked about problems and potential solutions.”
Piskadlo’s colleague and fellow School Committee member Anthony Guardia said that 12 people joined action teams set up to address concerns about energy conservation, financial and privatization possibilities, taxes and fees, economic revitalization and fundraising and miscellaneous issues.
Good to see people getting involved instead of just sitting in their basement and blogging about it.

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