Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Banning Affirmative Action

Photo Credit: Glen

Tensions are running high in the latest affirmative-action battlegrounds. In Arizona, Nebraska, and Colorado, supporters of ballot initiatives that would ban "preferential treatment" are counting up petition signatures – and opponents are scrutinizing their validity – to see if there's enough support to bring the issue to voters in November.

The American Civil Rights Institute (ACRI), led by Ward Connerly, is pushing the initiatives, which would change state constitutions to prohibit preferences based on race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the public realms of employment, education, and contracting. Similar ballot measures have succeeded in only three states: California in 1996 and later in Washington and Michigan.

Proponents of affirmative action learned from those votes not to wait until the fall election to make their case to the public. So they've been mustering volunteers now to wage "decline to sign" campaigns. - Christian Science Monitor

You know, since we are all one race, it kind of makes sense to stop affirmative action.


  1. Well, that may be true, but that's only one way to look at it. However, white people (most) have far more advantages over other races. So, you could say this is a way of opening the door for people. Now, I'm sure there's plenty of arguments against that; I don't follow affirmative action too closely.

  2. Affirmative action is reverse racism. Great idea in theory, but in practice, it screws over white people the same way minorities got screwed. It's best to ignore color altogether and give the position based on other qualifications.


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