Thursday, July 3, 2008

CD Review: All Or Nothing

Band: The Subways


  1. "Girls & Boys" - A spacier and heavier alternative track than what you are used to with The Subways. It is dark, but still is indie pop. Comparison: Hot Hot Heat
  2. "Kalifornia"- Garage Punk (like many Subways songs), but still manages to sound heavier than anything we've heard before.
  3. "Alright" - I could totally picture this song on the Madden 2009 soundtrack. Why? Because it is pop music. This song reminds me of really good Fall Out Boy which in reality is really sucky music. The reviews on YouTube read "F'in amazing!!!" but I can't hear anything too outstanding.
  4. "Shake! Shake!" - Haunted by a Metro Station song with the lyrics "Shake! Shake!" I didn't really know what to expect. I don't know, but this song sounds like something pop-punk radio would play.
  5. "Move To Newlyn" - After four ear-covering tracks, the Subways offer a slower treat to listeners. This song isn't exactly a home run, but it has a nice flow.
  6. "All or Nothing" - Is there a such thing as too "indie"? This might be exactly that.
  7. "I Won't Let You Down" - Another song that would be great for a video game.
  8. "Turnaround" - A departure from punk and a subsequent transition to scream metal. Alas, a pretty sucky transition.
  9. "Obsession" - Should I just stop reviewing this CD? This song is terrible.
  10. "Strawberry Blonde" - After another four ear-covering tracks, the Subways offer another slow treat. Comparison: Bloc Party
  11. "Always Tomorrow" - Bloc Party meets Oasis. This song is catchy, but doesn't sound all that different from their heavier stuff.
  12. "Lostboy" - I was hoping for a great ending, but my hope didn't get realized. This song kind of reminds me of the band members sitting in a tub naked getting pissed on by others.
Grade: 4.5 out of 10 - I can't believe that this is the same band that produced stellar tracks like "Oh Yeah" and "In Love"

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