Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Economy Hits Women Hard

This economic downturn is taking a particularly hard toll on women, according to some experts.

The reasons: Much of the downturn is focused on the real estate market, where a disproportionately large number of women work, and substantially more women than men have subprime mortgages. But experts point to another cause: Women simply earn less than men, an estimated average of 80 cents for every dollar made by a man.

"Even though women may not lose as many jobs as men, they are more vulnerable simply because their incomes are lower to start with at the beginning of the downturn," says Heidi Hartmann, president of the Institute for Women's Policy Research in Washington. "They're also more likely to be supporting children, so for them any disruption in their income is very, very serious."- Christian Science Monitor

“The economy” doesn’t exist as a hard and fast reality, but only as a discursive construction. Likewise, “social classes” are only articulations of the mind, expressed through concepts and theoretical explanations that can be translated into political and social “truths.” - Envio

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