Thursday, July 10, 2008

G.G. Allin's Final Interview

This is notorious, shock rocker, G.G. Allin's final interview on the "Jane Whitney Show" before he died of a heroin overdose in 1994. In the early 90s, G.G. had made several appearances on similar talk shows like, "Geraldo" and "The Jerry Springer Show." This is only part one of four; the other parts are even stranger (and funnier!) These kind of shows never actually have any value; clearly Jane is just doing it for ratings. It's just for the humor and fascination. G.G. certainly was a menace and most of his music sucked too! I love it though, when he argues with the people in the audience.


  1. G.G. Allin is one of those guys whose Wikipedia article is immensely entertaining...

  2. Yeah, he was "gonzo" as one Pat Brennan noted. I would not recommend the doc. "Hated" to those with a weak stomach; you will be extremely disturbed. And for those of you whom think you can stomach it, well you will still be extremely disturbed.... and you may get some cheap laughs, I know I did!


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