Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hancock Movie Review

What superhero shall I vanquish this week? "Hancock" stars Will Smith as the eponymous headliner in what is being promoted as a revisionist bam-pow epic. But what is so new these days about a superhero who doesn't wear the mantle of heroism lightly? From "Iron Man" to "The Incredible Hulk" to "Wanted" – and this is just a culling from the past few months – the comic-book action stars have all been unwilling custodians of their powers. The true revisionism would be if a superhero actually enjoyed being a superhero.

This is emphatically not the case with Hancock, who is so bummed out about his prowess that he zooms around on his rescue missions half-inebriated. More often than not, he creates as many problems as he solves. (His public boos him.) He is, inevitably, based in Los Angeles, where image is all, and his image desperately needs a makeover. - Christian Science Monitor; Read the rest:

The consensus seems to be saying "Don't go see this movie"...Ben?


  1. Because of what you heard, or because you don't like this type of movie?

  2. What I heard. Also, I noticed that the marketers of this movie can't decide if it's an action movie or a comedy.


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