Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Favorite Singers

These are my all time favorite singers. Note: I am excluding rappers because rapping and singing are two completely different talents (with one exception; you'll see!)But, don't worry, I plan on doing a "my favorite rap/hip hop groups" post in the future. OK, here are my favorites:

1)John Lennon
2)Kurt Cobain
3)Zack De La Rocha
4)Joey Ramone
5)Maynard James Keenan
6)Jim Morrison
7)David Gilmour
8)Black Francis and Kim Deal
9)Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon
10)Johnny Cash
11)Serj Tankian and Daron Malakian
12)Lou Reed
13)Darryl Palumbo
14)Roger Daltry
15)Thom Yorke
17)Johnny Rotten
18)Panda Bear and Avey Tare
19)Glenn Danzig
20)Tom Gabel
21)Milo Aukerman
22)Paul Westerberg
24)D Boon
25)Ian Mackaye
26)Jello Biafra
27)Daniel Johnston
28)Robert Plant
29)Mike Patton
30)Iggy Pop
31)David Bowie
32)Paul Simon
33)Roy Orbison
34)Ozzy Osbourne
35)Dean and Gene Ween
36)Connor Oberst
37)Brian Wilson and Mike Love
38)Ray Davies
39)Neil Young
40)Les Claypool
41)Sam Cooke
42)Marvin Gaye
43)Otis Redding
44)Layne Staley
45)Brandon Boyd
46)Paul Weller
47)Freddie Mercury
48)Cole Alexander, Jared Swilley, and Joe Bradley
49)Perry Farrel
50)Jimi Hendrix
51)Elliot Smith
52)Bob Dylan
53)Michael Nau
54)Alex Turner
55)Tom Smith
56)Kenny Choi
57)Patsy Kine
58)Billie Holiday
59)David Johanson
60)Michale Stipe
61)Richard Loyd
62)Calvin Johnson
63)Steve Albini
64)Bob Mould and Grant Hart
65)Mick Jagger
66)Win Butler and Régine Chassagne
67)Justin Sane
68)Mark Arm
69)David Byrne
70)Robert Smith
71)Elvis Costello
72)Elvis Presley
73)Frank Zappa
74)Frank Sinatra
75)Shane MacGowan
76)J Mascis and Lou Barlow
77)Louis Armstrong
78)Roger Waters
79)Paul McCartney
80)Sly Stone
81)Billy Corgan
82)Amanda Palmer
84)Patti Smith
85)Trent Reznor
86)Lemmy Kilmister
87)Roger Miller and Clint Conley
88)Stephen Malkmus
89)Jim and William Reid
90)Exene Cervenka and John Doe
91)Darby Crash
92)Hank Williams
93)Joe Strummer and Mick Jones
94)Tom Arayna
95)Kim Fahy
96)Aaron Weiss
97)Jerry Garcia
98)George Jones
99)Woody Guthrie
100)Ian Brown
101)Ian Curtis

Eh, that's still not enough, but I'm tired. After about the first 20 or 30 I just randomly listed singers.


  1. Cobain at number two...interesting...Lennon had a fantastic voice, great pick, although, as much as I worship that guy, I think I would have put Tony Bennett, Aretha Franklin, and Freddie Mercury ahead of him.

  2. Hmmm,well, in technical terms those folks were BETTER singers, but I prefer his voice over the others.

  3. Lennon had both a great voice and plenty of singing ability, and, again, not a bad pick for number one. Ah, the totally subjective nature of musical taste... Dylan and Neil Young definitely wouldn't have made MY list.

  4. Good on you not putting Dylan anywhere near the top 10


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