Friday, July 18, 2008

My Favorite Stand Ups

1) Bill Hicks(What a surprise!?)
2) Richard Pryor
3) Robin Williams
4) Woody Allen
5) Dave Chappelle
6) Eddie Murphy
7) Doug Stanhope
8) Joe Rogan
9) George Carlin
10) Chris Rock
11) Rodney Dangerfield
12) Don Rickles
13) Mitch Hedberg
14) Bill Cosby
15) Lenny Bruce
16) Sam Kinison
17) Dennis Leary
18) Dennis Miller
19) Steve Martin
20) Henry Rollins
21) Johnny Carson
22) Jay Leno(early years)
23) Steven Wright
24) Jon Stewart
25) Mort Sahl
26) Dave Atell
27) Norm Macdonald
28) David Cross
29) Andy Kaufman
30) Dick Gregory
Yep, no Jerry Seinfeld. I think he's overrated. There I said it.


  1. Hey, will Seinfeld fans see this list and say, "What's the deal with that?" Thank you, thank you.

  2. ahahhaah. I like the show (even though, I think that is grossly overrated too) but I'm not really into his stand up; go figure. He's nothing like Bill Hicks, lol.

  3. Insanely popular? Filthy stinking rich? Accessible? None of those apply to Bill, though I'd still recommend him to anyone who can handle a little dark humor.

  4. Yeah, just saying Bill's comedy is dark is a bit of an understatement though.

  5. True. No women on this list, you sexist pig. I kid. Any females you can recommend?

  6. Janine Garofalo. I guess. I know I thought the same. But, I'm just being honest about my favorites. Margaret Cho is influenced by Hicks, many like her, but I think she's annoying.


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