Friday, July 4, 2008

Philosophical Musings

If we are all in fact products of our own environment than it is unfair for one to simply "give up" on someone else, because they are essentially playing with the cards they've been dealt. The best way to conquer the schism, if you will, is through serious patience and constant communication. Another key element is finding similar interests and working from there. I.E, most humans enjoy music, if you want to persuade someone to your views/opinions/beliefs, because you believe his or hers is negative and dangerous, well you could show them a band that fervently promotes your view. A perfect situation would be introducing the song, "Prison Song" by S.O.A.D. to your friend (who loves the Drug War and is extremely Conservative) and explaining the meaning and then continuing with a discussion. Don't yell, but rather speak to them with respect and acknowledge their views and where you feel they are flawed. Present your, what I call medium points first, good solid,reasonable points, then you nail them with your best evidence, and of course throw in the final average points. Stats are always helpful too. Don't rely too heavily on the hypothetical. Fortunately, your friend will at least see your side and make some changes in his views. Ideally he will completely agree with you, which is very possible, if strategically concentrated. Note: don't brainwash them! Always make sure, you are open to other ideas then your own.


  1. I can't understand what the fuck they are saying in "Prison Song" plus it doesn't sound too good. "They're trying to build a prison" --- that is about the only thing that comes out clean.

  2. You need to listen more. If you listen more than once you'll hear more lyrics. For some reason, you don't like heavy music.


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