Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Visit My Online Store!

I have a lot of things I do not want -- particularly in the video game category. Instead of auctioning these items off on eBay, I have decided to create an online store type of deal that lists everything that I want to get rid of. A special perk, if you will, that my store has is that if my item's price is higher than what you see in a store I will match that price and often times lower my product's price. That should give you enough incentive to buy video games and other products through my store! I haven't updated my sports site ( in nearly a year so I figure that I ought to do something to cover the expense that has accrued. I have a crap load of sports trading cards. I used to be a collector up until three years ago. I used to go to sports cards and memorabilia stores every single weekend! I bought so many cards during that time I feel ashamed that I didn't keep it up. That said, I am going to dig the thousands of cards out of my closet this weekend and put them on the website (both in bulk and individual). If you collect cards, you will definitely want to keep checking the site for new entries. I might sell other random things here and there --- study guides, books, and vintage items.

Be sure to visit here:

Once you express your interest by clicking "Reply to this posting", I will personally e-mail you and confirm the price and order. Shipping is free if you live in Wakefield (I will deliver the stuff to your door) and very minimal if you live outside of Wakefield.

Thanks and check it out!

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