Thursday, December 4, 2008

Grand Duke Henri Opposes Euthanasia

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg is to be stripped of his executive power to veto laws passed by parliament after threatening to block a Bill to allow euthanasia in the tiny state.

The hereditary sovereign, 53, who is the last Grand Duke in the world, caused a constitutional crisis when he gave notice that he objected to Luxembourg following its neighbours Belgium and the Netherlands in permitting euthanasia before a second-reading vote in the Chamber of Deputies next week.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the Prime Minister, also opposed the Bill but decided that the Grand Duke had overstepped the mark in threatening to deny the will of parliament. - Times Online

I learned about these guys last year for my french project! I did think Grand Duke Henri was a good man at the time, but this is further proof.

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  1. Yeah, what a great guy for not letting vegetables get put out of their misery, and what a prince you are for praising a guy who oversteps his boundaries in the name of your religion.


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