Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rachel's Challenge Coming To WHS

Wakefield High School will present the inspirational Rachel’s Challenge program to the student body and community on Tuesday, December 16. Through a grant from the Wakefield Alliance Against Violence (WAAV), two student assemblies and a student leadership training will be held during the school day. An evening parent/community program will also be offered.

Rachel’s Challenge is a national campaign designed to help schools become safe and responsive places for all students to learn, grow, and achieve. The program is based on the writings and life of Rachel Joy Scott, the first victim of the Columbine School shootings in 1999. Through the values and ideas communicated in an essay titled “My Ethics, My Codes of Life”, written just weeks before her death, students are inspired to accept 5 challenges that further the values of kindness and compassion in their school and community. The code of ethics communicated in this essay challenges students to identify and live these values in hopes that it would start a "chain reaction". The student leadership training gives schools guidance to help sustain the positive momentum inspired by the program. - WHS Update
I didn't know what this program was until yesterday, but it looks like it will be really really good judging from its website and what people have told me.

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