Friday, January 30, 2009

Canadian National Anthem

SPRINGFIELD, NB, January 30, 2009 ( - Susan Boyd was dismayed when her daughter Julia, a grade 5 student at Belleisle Elementary School, told her she needed help with the lyrics to 'O Canada', in preparation for a Canada Day celebration, because "we don't sing it at school anymore."

Mrs. Boyd said, "I was completely shocked. This is a personal thing for me and my family," in a Telegraph-Journal report, referring to the importance of the national anthem to the Boyd family, who lost a family member in the service of Canada. Boyd's nephew, Pte. David Greenslade of St. John, was killed in Afghanistan two years ago.

The school eliminated the practice of playing 'O Canada' over the PA system in September 2007, after complaints by two families who objected to the morning ritual, according to Belleisle Elementary principal Erik Millett.

Big deal, it's just an anthem. A flag is just a flag. Etc, etc.

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