Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Wakefield Daily Item Look


  • Great organization including article placement, titles and headings, and font.
  • Compact: even though the paper is smaller, a lot of information can fit on one page.
  • Color pictures
  • Neat box at bottom right telling what's inside of today's issue
  • More features
  • Less space means cramming: some things just don't flow properly like the Community Calendar... and Meetings... on Page 2.
  • Comments/Editorial page has shrunk and I wonder how they will be able to fit in Comments, a letter to the Forum, and a feature from a politician on one page.
  • Sports section has its problems: It's great to display one huge top sports story and one smaller one on the first page of the Sports section. That means that the Sports section will be on most days 3-4 pages long. This seems like it won't be that bad BUT a few things are messed up because of this. 1) The WHS Sports Schedule is cluttered and shoved to the bottom. It would look much nicer inside of a box. 2) The Box Scores aren't boxed. 3) The Standings are messed up and hard to read.
Overall, I am impressed with the new tabloid format, but there are going to be some inherent problems that come with the change.

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