Sunday, April 12, 2009

CD Review: Sun Gangs (The Veils)

The Veils
Release: April 2009

Comment: Finn Andrews and crew get the job done after nearly three years of no new releases. Mixing slow core, see "Sun Gangs," with heavier post-punk, as heard in "The Letter," The Veils reveal that variety is not covered up, but embraced. With delivery eerily similar to Editors, there is more atmosphere than concrete rhythmic pattern on this album than say Nux Vomica, the group's pre-Sun Gangs 2006 masterpiece. Yet, it's still Finn Andrews. Finn's voice makes one innately curious to continue listening to see if there are any musical twists and turns in the song. In some instances, like in "It Hits Deep," there are no sudden build-ups of energy. And that's good because I expected there to be. A pleasant surprise you could say. "The House She Lived In" is a great memory of what was so good about Nux Vomica. Then there's "Larkspur," an 8:33 track about...a plant? Okay, so maybe not. It's kind of like the "Nux Vomica" of 2009, except ten times lighter but just as epic. Nice drumming at the end. In conclusion, this is a great album that doesn't quite have the same catchiness or immediate long-lasting appeal as Nux Vomica, but still holds it own as one of 2009's finer releases.

Grade: 8.8

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