Friday, April 17, 2009

Musical Review: Calculus: The Musical

See that PEAK sign? Justin Maio volunteered to hold it up. [img src:]

Venue: Lynnfield High School
Grade: 5.5

Comments: What do you get when you add mathematical pun and parody? Calculus: The Musical. Okay so C:TM was a no-doubt well-intentioned performance; it combined 'entertainment' and education. Given its nature, though, it was really quite boring and cheesy. Hats off to the two performers who put on a good show in terms of acting, but they got really annoying, really quickly. The history of calculus segments (divided into chapters just like a textbook) were awful. Hey look they can make calculus jokes, which make... only the teachers laugh. Good job. The parodies of pop songs reminded me of a mixture of Bo Burnham and Weird Al, but they still sucked. The only highlight was when the male performer rapped about integration in the style of Eminem. I'm shocked that people bought the C:TM DVD after it was over. Seriously.

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