Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mark Sultan News

OK So, you can see some confirmed King Khan & BBQ Show dates this coming summer... lots of strange festivals in a few countries... might even be adding some South American dates - maybe even some extra Mexico treats in some weird format... the confirmed dates (so far) can be seen on their myspace page: http:​/​/​www.​myspace.​com/​thekingkhanbbqs​how also, Mark Sultan will be on tour with King Khan & The Shrines late April thru early June, both with his three-piece band imcarnation (featuring Choyce from Les Sexareenos/CPC Gangbangs/Red Mass and Simon Wojan from Cloudland Canyon/King Khan & The Shrines) as well as 'BBQ', the one man band. check his myspace and check the show details out: http:​/​/​www.​myspace.​com/​marksultan and... there is at least one Almighty Defenders show this summer. a myspace page will be up soon with songs as well as details. Almighty Defenders = Black Lips + The King Khan & BBQ Show See ya!!

Posted on 27 Apr 2009 by marksultan

Better dodge the swine flu fellas! Also, Almighty Defenders? The two garage giants will probably release their gospel album under this moniker. I'd love to see all of them in concert!

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