Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Watch Out For...

Right Wing Extremism


  1. Nothing like fascism, eh? I hate the way some lefties simply see this as a "now it's there turn" kind of a thing. This isn't about left and right; it's about right and wrong.

  2. Did you even read it, Chris?Friday, April 17, 2009 at 5:01:00 PM EDT

    You know this memo is talking about racists who want Obama dead, right? But of course you have such a hard-on for extremism you'd rejoice if the KKK shot him.

  3. Frankly, people die all the time and the racist, violent, white U.S. government has never and will never care about this. I do not promote aggression of any kind, so no I would not rejoice if the KKK shot him. Don't get me wrong, he's a sadistic war criminal that approves mass murder; we put people to death all the time for murder in this country, I see him as no exception. But, I'm 100% against the death penalty. This memo is an act of the U.S. Government, so like all acts of this softcore fascist government they are there to serve the few and control the many. Specifically, the purpose of this memo (as well as the new one for the lefties) is to weed out dissidence. Plain and simple. The racism is just window dressing. This isn't new we've seen it all before in our country's history. Take for example, the Subcommittee for House of Un-American Activities in the 1960s. They put the Yippies on there because they spoke out against the aggressive War in Vietnam. But, the government would argue they were protecting you from "communist subversion" or some hullabaloo like that. Hey man (or Wo Man), I hate white racists just as much, if not more than you, so I definitely see why you are concerned. Finally, you can kill the revolutionary, but you can't kill the revolution! Peace.

  4. But seriously that was a great response, and I agree with every bit of it. I'm guessing the whole "war criminal" bit is in relation to Iraq and Afghanistan? If so...where's the change, Barry? Time to withdraw!

  5. Yes and Israel. Also, his feelings on Iran and Pakistan suggests he would not mind invading either country, thus "approving" mass murder, even if he doesn't do so.


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