Tuesday, July 8, 2008

100 Posts!

Wow, I just counted and as of today, I reached 100 posts. Now, I'm sure this is nothing compared to Ben and Glen. I'm sure they reached 100 way before I got here. But, if I had knowledge of this site earlier, I'm sure it would be double.... cough, Ben and I were in the same TV class and there was never a mention of the blog, cough, Glen and I hung out every weekend last year and no mention either cough. L.O.L., I'm just fucking with you guys! But, congratulations to me!


  1. You actually have 118 posts -- provided you tagged "Chris DeCarlo" on everyone of them.

  2. Maybe there's a few Crhis Dcelaros in there.

  3. Yeah, I won't by ones I specifically wrote by myself. Except for the Editors show, which I contributed to half of the article.


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