Tuesday, July 8, 2008

NCAA Football 2009 Gamer?

Greetings fellow fans and NCAA gamers! As some of you may already know, http://freencaa09rosters.com is the place to go if you’re interested in downloading full rosters (that means every team!) for the new NCAA college football game. Not only is the service free but I can personally attest that they are extremely accurate. The guys there really do their homework and are just as invested in 100% accuracy as we are. Why? B/c like us they’re college football gamers who are looking to make the NCAA 09 experience as realistic as possible. Besides, isn’t it much more cool to be playing against Florida and see “Tebow” on the jersey rather than just “No. 15”?

The cool factor and realism aside, there’s another extremely important reason to become freencaa09rosters.com patrons. Several services out there also offer team rosters but for a fee. This may sound OK but it’s potentially quite dangerous. The NCAA frowns upon businesses or individuals making money off its athletes. As a result, it’s a fear of many in the NCAA gaming community that these rosters-for-pay sites will eventually attract the NCAA’s attention. Are these sites in fact profiting from the names of college athletes? Maybe, maybe not. But why chance it? Do we really want to risk the possibility that the name-editing feature will be removed from the game altogether?

Obtaining your team rosters from freencaa09rosters.com is the perfect way to ensure that the above-mentioned feature stays “in the game” and that the NCAA keeps its nose out of our business. Plus, it’s just as accurate as the pay sites (maybe even more so) and it’s free! I’ll say it again: it’s free! So please consider freencaa09rosters.com for your roster needs. Not only will you be helping yourself (save that $10 for gas!) but you’ll also be helping the gaming community as a whole. Thanks! - freencaa09rosters.com

Brian Kaldenberg, an owner of many for-profit roster sites, is gradually becoming a villain in the NCAA video gaming world. Roster editors are accusing Kaldenberg of plagiarizing their work, amongst other deceitful practices. Kaldenberg then goes on to sell his rosters for a hefty price -- up to $40.00 if people want a new memory card or USB stick. Many people purchase his rosters because they do not know how to get a hold of the free ones. Kaldenberg has made offers to free roster sites so that he can turn them into for-profit. If Kaldenberg was making his OWN rosters and not stealing them from others and selling them, then this wouldn't be a problem. My suggestion? Jam Econo. Go to a free site and download your rosters from there.

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