Friday, July 18, 2008

JuSt B DAt Boii!!!

Even in the wake of being charged with homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence for allegedly killing one pedestrian tourist and injuring another last week, 18-year-old Genovese had kept his MySpace profile public - a profile in which he brags of his exploits with pot, alcohol, graffiti and fast cars...

One photo, which appears to be taken from the driver's seat of his vehicle, shows the speedometer clocking in at 105 mph. The caption under the photo reads: aLiL UnDer 120 OnPAcKeR aVE!!..yea digg????"

In other photos, he admits to "BObBiN ND WeEzzZiN" in and out of traffic and having a "NEeD 4 SPeEd????" He writes that his car, which he identifies as a Lexus GS 300, is equipped with an alarm system, auto-start technology and a TV screen placed in the dashboard.

Genovese lists his occupation as "JuSt B DAt Boii!!!..." but goes on to list his income as $250,000 or more. In a separate section in which people typically write the companies they work for or are associated with, Genovese writes: "Chronic Dealer, Philadelphia, Pa US, HusLa, weed, dope, crack, heroin, meth., and wAT EVa U FIEn for!"

Genovese brags about how sexy he looks when he's high, and has posted pictures of himself smoking out of a bong. "LOok AT ALL DATT WEeD!!!!" he wrote under one photo. "ahaha brought a POUNd just 2go 2pROM!!!!!!" - With Leather
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