Friday, July 18, 2008

Tales From A College Student

I've decided that W&M (William and Mary) is perhaps the most God-forsaken school on the planet, being devoid of the multitudes of attractive and slutty women that i was promised would be waiting for me at college. instead, i find only vaguely-attractive women with inflated opinions of their looks (no doubt due to the absence of true attractive women) and who therefore tend to conclude that they still have the right to be picky about their men; another negative is that just about every girl here is far too intelligent, and somehow possess self-esteem levels that i did not know could be attained by females, the result of which being that you cannot trick them in any way. oh, and apparently 85% of W&M girls are virgins, and intend to stay that way until well after marriage and the attainment of a highly successful career; after said stipulations are met, they will fornicate for procreative purposes only, in an effort to overrun the world with more intelligent, independent and ambitious women like themselves. appalling.

i miss the attractive, promiscuous, easily-tricked girls from my high school days; alas, they are all at community college now. - VaSoxFan
Just tales from a college student.

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