Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What We Listen To

Well, this can't POSSIBLY turn out well, seeing as I never, EVER clean out my iPod... in fact, my brother and sisters songs are on it, too. Whatever, lets just put it on shuffle and see the first 15 songs we get.

CRAP, I had it on alphabetical, not shuffle. Well, here's the shuffle:

1) Rolling Stones- Sympathy for the Devil
2) Queen (and David Bowie)- Under Pressure
3) U2- Vertigo
4) The Gorillaz- 19-2000
5) Brett Dennen- Ain't No Reason (Glen and I have had some good laughs over that one)
6) Bill Withers- Ain't No Sunshine
7) Fountains of Wayne- All Kinds of Time
8) Smash Mouth- All Star (I TOLD you this thing hasn't been cleaned out in a while)
9) 311- Amber
10) Team America: World Police- America, Fuck Yeah
11) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers- American Girl (...I don't even know)
12) Da Vinci's Notebook- Another Irish Drinking Song
13) Leroy- Away
14) The Who- Baba O'Riley (NOT Teenage Wasteland!)
15) AC/DC- Back in Black

Well, there's my mediocre taste in music. You may now attack me.


  1. Brett Dennen never fails to incite humor in a conversation. F'in 12 year old.

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself; there were some good tunes on there.

  3. I think I just got lucky on the shuffle. Some pretty horrible stuff could have potentially shown up.

  4. Ben, U2 sucks! I wrote an Op-Ed on my journalism final entitled: "With or Without U2" lol.

  5. Eh, Joshua Tree has some good stuff, but around that point, they started to develop their distinct style - read: all their songs started to sound alike.

  6. I liked Coldplay better back when they called themselves U2...Wait, it's not the same band? What?!


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