Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Indie" Rock

Indie rock according to the trusted open encyclopedia Wikipedia "refers to rock musicians that or were unsigned, or have signed to independent record labels rather than major record labels." Indie rock isn't a genre, it's a movement. To be apart of the movement, you must not be signed to a major record label. That's the only rule. What really irks me is when people ask me what music I like and I have to respond "indie" because it encompasses most of the bands that I like. That doesn't tell them anything about what type of music I am into, though. There are indie rock genres that are apart of the movement, but these aren't all encompassing. Many bands have sold out to a major label, but still play the same kind of indie rock genre that they did when they were "indie." They don't count as indie. Take Franz Ferdinand. They were signed to the great independent label Domino Records, but later transitioned to major Epic. They really haven't altered their sound that much, but we can no longer call them indie. Mainstream acts aren't indie...ever. Indie acts can sound mainstream, but that doesn't mean they can't be indie. The only difference, I repeat, is in their label status. Indie pop, as we know it, is mere power pop and jangle. What really sets some indie bands apart is their inclusion in two genres: lo-fi and noise rock. These types of music typically don't appeal to your regular "alternative rock" audience. There you have rant on "indie" rock.


  1. Haha, I like it. Personally, I hate the term, it's too vague, as many have concluded before.

  2. Or we could just stop labeling rock genres.


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