Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Iraq Update: Talabani Thanks U.S

Talabani thanked the United States for helping create a democratic Iraq "which will serve as a model for other peoples of the eastern world." He explicitly praised U.S. President George W. Bush for the "courageous and historic" decision to topple dictator Saddam.

U.S. ambassador Ryan Crocker said the embassy's opening marked a new era for ties between the countries as "equals."

But some Iraqis, like Basim al-Hindi, 46, a security guard working in downtown Baghdad, saw more sinister motives behind the new coral-colored compound.

"They just want to retain their control in the heart of the Green Zone," he said. "The sovereignty is all America's."

U.S. forces on New Year's Day handed over responsibility to Iraqi troops for the Green Zone, a fortified compound in the heart of Baghdad off limits to most Iraqis. The new embassy, like the palace that housed it before, is located in the zone. - Yahoo! News

I wouldn't be surprised if Iraq is more democratic than the United States.

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