Friday, January 2, 2009

Song of the Day (1/2/08)

French Kicks - Abandon

- I like analog reverb, but there's a lot of analog reverb. There may be too much reverb. It's kind of shoe gazey. It's like The Cocteau Twins in a tin can, but if they were also in Beach Boys style harmony and like some sort of early '90s Miami sound dub bass. Hold on... I find it slightly, almost irritatingly infectious. I'm starting to find the reverb oppressive actually. I would go see this band, but I wouldn't pay more than $10 dollars to see them and only if it was non-smoking. But I'm afraid that other people who would want to go see this band, I would think would all be pieces of shit. Okay, I like this band if they're 30, but not if they're 18. If they're 18, this is completely pretentious. But if they're adults then it's thoughtful and intelligent. Does everything sound exactly like this? Is this extremely representative of the rest of their work? Is there any variation other than this? And is it all produced exactly like this? Everything isn't soaked in layers and layers of reverb? I like that there is no guitar solo. I think it's very funny that to me the guitar hook is totally iPod commercial and this thing is a thing that, to a certain degree for me I kind of like this, but it's kind of form over function. This song isn't the kind of song that you play by yourself: "Hey that's a really good fuckin' song...That's really a song I would totally listen to and think about all the time." But the guitar hook in this and the production of it is the only thing you would see in a commercial. You would find yourself walking around humming and then becoming extremely and deeply irritated by, which is the mark of well produced pop music. It's kind of long, what's it at? It could have ended 45 seconds ago. You can stop it, it goes on and on. I'm the most opinionated person I know about. It's what we need in music, but not in an asshole way we're like "oh fuckin' Pitchfork said this thing" because I fuckin' despise that.

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