Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Summer Heights High

Let me start off by saying that I rarely ever watch T.V. I occasionally watch sports, but other than that I'm mostly an online person (the most obvious exception is the amazing show Curb Your Enthusiasm, but it hasn't aired since 2007). So anyway...My sister has been quoting Summer Heights High for a couple of weeks now. I don't blame her because I am now partially hooked. It's On Demand on Comcast in case anyone wants to check it out. Basically, one guy (Chris Lilley) plays three different characters. All three are hilarious. There is Jonah, a 14 year old illiterate wanksta who is always getting in trouble at Summer Heights High, an Australian public school. There is Ja'mie, a female exchange student who thinks she is the shit. And finally you have Mr. G, Summer Heights High Director of Performing Arts. Lilley is a comic genius and for that reason you should watch this show.

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