Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Can't the U.S Gov't Do?

Federal Government No-Nos

  1. Suspend the writ of habeas corpus (violated by Bush in 2006 and by Lincoln in 1861)
  2. Give preferential treatment in commerce or revenue to the ports of any state
  3. Draw money from the Treasury except by appropriation under the law
  4. Levy taxes on exports
  5. Accept a gift from a foreign country w/o Congressional consent (if you are holding office)
Federal and State Government No-Nos
  1. Pass bills of attainder (technically happened in 2005 with the Palm Sunday Compromise)
  2. Pass ex post facto laws
  3. Grant titles of nobility
State Government No-Nos
  1. Enter into treaties w/ other nations or states w/o Congressional consent
  2. Coin money
  3. Impair obligations of contract
  4. Place a tax on imports or exports except to carry out inspection laws
  5. Keep troops or ships in time of peace w/o Congressional consent

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