Thursday, March 27, 2008

Darfur update

Relief agencies in Sudan have expressed concerns over an alarming increase in
the number of attacks by bandits against people carrying out humanitarian work
in the strife-torn region of Darfur, and warned that violence is threatening to
disrupt aid delivery to thousands of needy people.
It's a shame that even those who aren't taking sides in this war are in danger.
Emilia Casella, head of public information at the UN World Food Programme
(WFP-Sudan), said there had been "very alarming rates of banditry" directed at
WFP convoys and it was now taking longer for WFP contracted trucks to deliver
food to the agency's warehouses in Darfur.
"All parties must realise that
humanitarian personnel and their cargo are there to carry out a neutral
humanitarian task," said Casella.

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