Thursday, March 20, 2008

Waltham Library finds homes for photos

His picture arrived in the mail at the Waltham Public Library in a small manila
envelope. The well-dressed stranger wore a dark pinstriped suit -
late-19th-century vintage. His hair was parted sharply at the left temple, his
starched collar crisp and white.
His photo carried the trademark of a Waltham
studio, called Brown, L.C. on Main Street, which hasn't existed for more than
100 years.
"Hello," the handwritten note accompanying the picture said.
"Don't ask me how I wound up in Sasser, Georgia! Would you please put me on
display in your library so my family can find me? Thanks! Sincerely, A Lost
No! Now those embarassing photos from the Senior Show afterparty will get out! I'm off!

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